Another response to The Princess

Hey Bug!


Only one freaking picture of you and you can’t even see your face. What the heck were you doing in that plate of food anyway??

Ok… So I got 2 letters today. One saying you had a great time at the dance and you made some friends and it was hot. And then another one saying you wanted to be home and you miss us and you hope I hadn’t killed your cat yet (I haven’t BTW) and it was hot…

Soooo… Which letter came first? Cuz I’m really hoping you are making friends and having a good time. I miss you too, and so does everybody else but we want you to have fun there. PLEASE don’t worry about Mima, she’s okay. She went out to dinner with us last Friday when our power went out and she had a good time. So DO NOT worry about her and try to have fun.

So, I’m sorry the bugs are awful, but the heat? It was even hotter here. Got into the 90’s last week and SUPER humid. I think I burned my a$$ on the seat in the car. Even with the air conditioning on in the bedroom it was miserable. At least you could go swimming!

And you smell bad even AFTER you take a shower, so BURN.

AND your spelling FAILS. But we love you anyway.

Are you all tucked in and roasty-toasty?

Blow me a kiss goodnight

Close your eyes till morning comes

Happy dreams and sleep tight


I love you forever



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