That’s my girl…

Got a phone call the other night from an area code I didn’t recognize.

“Mrs. Newlife?


“This is the doctor from the Clara Barton camp? With Princess Punk?”

(as my pulse quickens and I start to hyperventilate just a teeny bit…) “Yes?

“I have Princess Punk here in my office (Oh. Shit.) and I’m just calling to tell you that Princess Punk had a fall e and hurt her wrist. I examined it and it looks like a sprain. So we gave her some ibuprofen and put some ice on it.”

I actually laughed.

“Ummm? I just thought I should call you and let you know?”

(giggling) “Oh, sure, no problem. She does that.”


“No. I mean… I mean she’s kinda rough and tumble and she gets hurt pretty often.”

“Um? Okay?”

“No… I mean, as long as nothing’s broken, she’ll be fine. I’m sure she’s okay.”

“Okay, well, I just wanted to call and let you know.”

“Okay, thanks!”

~awkward silence~

“Ok, well I guess I’ll let you go?”

“Ok, I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious. I heard ‘doctor from camp’ and I got worried. But it’s just a sprain. She’s sort of… Klutzy.”


“Alright, well thank you for calling!” (awkwardly forced cheerfulness as I try not to sound like a callous asshole) “I’m glad she’s OK!”

“Have a good night!”

“Um… Okay?”

Not really sure if laughing is the appropriate response to someone telling you your kid just got injured…



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  1. ninjasinstitches
    Jul 24, 2013 @ 08:18:02

    Well it depends…. my son pulled his groin muscle because he didn’t stretch properly like both I and his Sensei told him before doing some pretty high kicks… So I laughed pretty hard when my husband came in screaming the next morning that Zaden felt his leg was going to fall off… lesson was learned though 😉


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