I think he’s bored

My Mom and Princess Punk both had doctor appointments today. So The Zen Master was home with The Peach. Which frequently results in random and rather hilarious text message exchanges throughout the day.

Your daughter.

Your daughter.


Squatting in the corner.

Me: Are you pooping?

Peach: Nooooooo (grunting)

ROFL… Awesome.

And later… Because he’s a perv

I love you

And it’s mine

I love you too

And you’re wrong. it’s mine.

I’d touch it in protest but there is a midget in the room

Princess Punk wants to know if she can mow the lawn


I love you

I love you too

My penis loves you too


I don’t know who’s worse… Him for being a pervy dork, or me for marrying him.

Oh right… I married him because he’s a pervy dork.


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  1. deep cleaning
    Oct 04, 2014 @ 03:32:49

    I quite like looking through a post that can make men and women think.

    Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!


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