And Some Days are Better

I had a date with Princess Punk last night. Her last report card was decent and at the moment, she’s running in the 90’s in all her classes. Plus the recent appointment with Dr. Hottie was not as awful as it has been in the past. Her A1C went down, 9.7 from 10.1, still WAY too high, but a definite reflection that she is doing better. So I figured it was time to have a Mom-and-Me date.

I’d had an ok day at work. Still not as productive as I know I’m capable of, which honestly just pisses me off, but I did get some stuff done and I actually had the director at my office tell her boss (who had come to visit) that she wanted to clone me because I was just that good. Which was pretty much as much of an ego boost as is possible doing the job I do. The fact that it came from my boss’s, boss’s boss and was directed toward the regional muckity-muck, made it that much more awesome.

Anyway, after work, I took The Princess to Sushi Yoshi in Stowe. They opened not too long ago, in a location that has seen at least 5 reincarnations of hibachi restaurants in the last 6 years. There’s still hibachi there, but now it also has a full sushi bar which is TRULY awesome. Even more awesome than having a good sushi restaurant less than an hour away from home is the fact that, despite it being in the heart of Tourist-Town, the prices are actually reasonable. Plus, they’re very nice to locals. Which is good business in my opinion. Since so many folks that live around here work in hospitality, it’s a pretty savvy business model to be good to the people who work at the resorts so they might recommend you to their guests… They have a “Good Guys” card for locals that gives 50% of basic appetizers, sushi rolls (besides the super fancy “Chef’s Special” rolls) and a la carte sushi 3-6pm everyday except Saturday, and 3 to close on Monday (which is even smarter because Monday night is Friday night to hospitality industry folks around here).

So anyway… The Princess and I went out to dinner and we hung out and actually talked. Like about stuff that is actually going on in her life. Which is a fucking miracle. She talked to me about school and her friends and even (gasp) her boyfriend. And we had a great time, just the two of us. And then we went to the movies. We saw the new Thor movie, which was kinda disappointing with the exception of ample views of half-nekkid, muscly Chris Hemsworth that Princess Punk and I agreed made the $8 ticket price totally worth it. And we threw popcorn at each other and laughed and shared candy and had an overall really great time.

So life goes on…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Nov 17, 2013 @ 09:04:30

    Cool that you guys were able to have a date and talk.
    My older boy is getting to that age. Once I took him out for hot chocolate. I should do it more often. It was nice to have that kind of time with him.


    • newlifeinvermont
      Nov 17, 2013 @ 09:24:40

      It’s a miracle to get The Princess to talk to me about anything of substance. I spent the whole night grinning like an idiot because I was so happy she felt comfortable talking to me about stuff going on in her life. And of course, every time she caught me grinning, I got eye rolling and “oh my gawd Mom…”


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