Six Degrees of Good Samaritan

A text from The Zen Master at 12:15pm

Do you know when Fairy Dog went out this morning?
I didn’t let him out, why?
I haven’t seen or heard him all day
😦 did you ask Mom?
She hasn’t seen him either

To Princess Punk at 12:33pm

Did you let Fairy Dog out this morning?
He’s gone
Meaning he’s gone. Daddy can’t find him
Keep calling for him i told dad that i let him out on my way out
6 hours ago.
Just keep calling il go look for him later

Zen Master again…

Princess Punk said she let him out
Could you please look for him?
~32 minutes later~
Not having any luck
Drove the loop around
Went towards woods in back of the house
Drink of choice at Deer Camps everywhere...

Drink of choice at Deer Camps everywhere…

It’s hunting season. Rednecks with rifles and 6-packs of Natty Light would easily mistake my collar-less dog for a coyote. We know better. We know this time of year that Fairy Dog needs a bright orange collar. We know that our usual routine of letting him out the front door and letting him back in when he barks at the door is just not going to cut it this time of year. He’s a good dog, he wanders a bit sometimes but always comes back when we call him, but in the month of November, he either goes out on a leash or someone stands on the front porch while he runs out and pees and then races back in. Because he is a completely neurotic ass-kisser, we HAVE to take him on a leash at least once a day and walk him around because otherwise he just races back in and won’t poop.

I went home early. I was already feeling shitty and Princess Punk had an appointment with JO later anyway. When I got there, The Zen Master suggested I post a plea for help on facebook. So I posted a couple pics of him and this around 3pm;

My Fairy Dog is lost… Last seen early this morning street that I live on near town landmark… If you’ve seen him or know anybody who’s seen him, let me know, we miss him! He’s a sweet, shy, collie/shepherd mix, about 45lb — with Princess Punk and The Zen Master.
We went to the appointment with JO and then back home.

I checked my facebook. 5 people had shared my post. There were a handful of comments, mostly things like, “Oh no!” and “I hope you find him soon!”

But then this one, from The Zen Master’s friend’s girlfriend…

Someone reported finding a lost dog in town several miles away. They posted a picture and it looks like it could be Fairy Dog. I will tag you in it. GL

After much fussing with computers and smart phones conspiring against my poor dog…

I just texted The Zen Master the pic and contact number of the people who found him.

Sure enough… There was my Fairy Dog, in the back seat of someone’s car, looking morose and nervous.

After a phone call and some brief conversation (“Wait… You picked him up WHERE???”) This wonderful, lovely, charming good samaratin named Samantha drove to my house with Fairy Dog in tow.

He wouldn’t get out of the car.

After some coaxing, he jumped out of their car and leapt into The Zen Master’s truck.

They probably thought we beat him or something.

After bringing him inside and letting the Peach shower him with animal crackers (“Beah! Beah, havvit. Heah, havvit. Pat pat pat pat huuuuuuuuuuug, guh Beah”) we came to the conclusion that something had scared the crap out of Fairy Dog (probably a gunshot) and he hauled ass. Since Samantha had picked him up in the morning behind a school, over the river and through the woods (literally) and she said he was running flat out, and since he was such a chicken-shit when he got home, we assumed that whatever it was, happened soon after he was let out.

Neurotic and a little twitchy, but my Fairy Dog is home, safe and sound. Thank you to Good Samaritan Samantha who picked him up several miles from my house in other town, and thank you The Zen Master’s friend’s girlfriend for finding the picture she posted on facebook.
A happy ending at last… — with Princess Punk and The Zen Master.

Welcome Home Fairy Dog!

Welcome Home Fairy Dog!


Thank you social networking for returning my neurotic, collar-less dog in the midst of hunting season. Within 12 hours.


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