Oh crap, it’s Vermont…

I forgot to get my tires changed out.

They’ve been sitting in the back of my 10 year old Subaru wagon for a week. My Subaru that is supposed to be AWD but has a transmission problem so it’s only 2WD. Which apparently, makes a Subaru extremely hard to handle on slippery roads.

So good snow tires are a must. And I have good snow tires.

Inside my car.

It’s the last week in November. I should know better by now. I’ve been living in Vermont for 7 years now. We have frequently had snow on the ground on Halloween. This year, it’s been unusually quiet.

I was tricked.

Lulled into a false sense of security.

And I forgot.

I forgot that winter driving is shitty here. Especially this time of year, when it’s not quite frozen, just a slurry of half-melted snow, ice, and the foundation of salt and sand that will help a great deal later in the season, but now just slides around in all the other muck. It’s fucking deadly.

So this weekend, we got an inch or 2 of snow which quickly softened and partially-melted making the roads… How can I describe them properly?

Remember in the summer when you were little and one of your friends had that slip-and-slide which looked so awesome untill you slipped and slid and slammed the back of your head on the ground? Yeah. I woke up in the morning and looked out my window at the beautific mountains and the gentle white blanket covering everything and thought, “Vermont is AWESOME!” Then I slowly pulled out of my driveway and my rear tires slid  across the road untill I was half-way in the other lane. It’s a really good thing I leave my house so early and there was no one else on the road.

Vermont was not quite so awesome at that moment.

Tonight we’re supposed to get a lovely storm, snow this evening turning to sleet and freezing rain overnight.

I have an appointment to get my tires changed out.

On Monday.

I think at Thanksgiving this year, I will be thankful for not killing myself on the way to and from work the day before.

At least, I hope I will be.


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