But the dog really DID eat my blog… Really.

Ok. Maybe not. I’m not making excuses for no posting, since after all… My blog and all.

But I got a good one…

We’re buying a house! Like under contract, getting a renter for the current house (hopefully), house inspection done, appraisal done, mortgage approved and waiting for a few more pieces of paperwork, BUYING A HOUSE!

It’s awesome.

  • Spacious… Everyone will have their own space
  • I get a hot tub
  • There’s a pool
  • Nice big kitchen with new appliances including a flat top range and a wall oven
  • I get a hot tub
  • It’s walking distance from the school, playground and library
  • Beautiful yard, an acre IN town… Pretty much the only village house on a lot more than a quarter acre
  • Town water, sewer, electric, cable
  • I get a hot tub

BUT… It isn’t perfect. There are some things we need, some compromises we had to make and some stuff we’ll need to fix. It was built in 1949. That’s not particularly old, considering the century or more old farmhouses around here, but it does present some problems. And there were some issues at the inspection that we really really really need to straighten out before we close.

  • Only about a third of the outlets in the house are grounded (i.e. a three-pronged outlet). Given our absolutely unreasonable number of electronics (TVs, computers, video games, etc.), we are going to have to do a BUNCH of electrical work. Like the entire upstairs needs to be rewired and about half of the downstairs. Not cheap. Joy.
  • The house is… not particularly energy efficient. The current owner went through 900 gallons of oil last year. PLUS electric and even wood for the wood stove. So we need an energy audit. And we’re going to put in a pellet stove next to the boiler so the oil is a secondary fuel. Extra cost there too.
  • My Mom and Princess Punk will be sharing the main floor bathroom. There are 3 bathrooms in the house. Unfortunately, there is only one bathroom upstairs where the three bedrooms that myself and The Zen Master, Princess Punk and The Peach are to occupy. I REFUSE to share a bathroom with a 14-year-old tomboy who stinks, leaves her gross underpants on the floor, wears makeup which she leaves all over the counter and who has a skin care regimen that would make Liz Taylor exhausted. And the bathroom is teeny-tiny. My Mom, who’s room and living space are on the main floor, generously decided to share her bathroom with The Princess in lieu of putting in a fourth bathroom. Which leaves me wondering, which of them will end up the victim while the other is carted away by the cops, a bloody toilet brush in hand? My money’s on My Mom with the toilet brush. Or maybe a plunger. Strangled with a shower pouf?
  • The third “bathroom?” In the sort-of-partially-finished basement. There’s a toilet… Ummm… There is a toilet. That’s it. Ok… to be fair, there is a sink. With no faucet and a basin with a ginormous crack down the center.
  • The sort-of-partially-finished basement… Mostly little things… a few craters in the cement, two leaky pipes, easily repaired, more wiring issues and a hot water heater that has so much corrosion built up on the outgoing pipe, it looks like Optimus Prime barfed on it. Oh, and there’s a good chance the tiles in part of the basement are asbestos.
  • All of the rooms need to be re-painted. The current owner has decorating tastes that are on the opposite end of the spectrum from mine (think, orang or green bedrooms, tacky crystal chandeliers and mirrors every 4 feet). But even in the rooms where the color choice isn’t bad like The Princess’s white wall (which she plans to do a mural on anyway) there are holes and chips and marks and it looks just kinda crappy.
  • There is no egress upstairs. I just learned that word. It means, your house is on fire and this is how you get out so you don’t burn up like a piece of bacon. The windows are old and open out with a crank mechanism that extend a hinge across the very opening you would squeeze through to escape the impending inferno. The house inspector said, “You could get out, but you’d pretty much have to punch the window out entirely.”  How exciting!

But, the roof is good, the foundation is solid, and the framing is wood and steel beam. So we’ll work through the repairs and fixes and whatnot and, all things going even remotely close to plan, we’ll be ready to move in March.

So I probably won’t be posting a lot.




Life with a diabetic teenager…


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