Great. Sticky.

The Peach is now 2, is into EVERYTHING and is kinda, a teeny bit crazy. As a result, I am finding I am frequently grabbing things away from her and putting them places I probably shouldn’t. Like my pocket. Or my purse. So I shouldn’t be surprised to reach for my keys and find instead, a half-eaten package of fruit snacks that have gelled into some sort of weird amalgam with a couple of (unused, thank God) tissues in the side pocket of said purse.

It took me several minutes to get the tissue-lint/pectin/red-dye#6 paste out from under my nails.

So I did an inventory.

Here’s what I found.

In my purse-

  • Just a small sample

    Just a small sample

    2 Mimis

  • a handful of unused tissues she pulled out of the box. I actually thought those might be useful. Not.
  • a handful of napkin shreds from… McDonalds? Not sure.
  • a tootsie roll pop wrapper (that one might have been Princess Punk)
  • a juice box straw. I rescued that one from her nostril the other day
  • a half of a crayon
  • a Sharpie, sans-cap. That was quick thinking there. (sarcasm… in case you hadn’t figured it out)
  • one glove
  • 2 pen caps (but not a sharpie cap)
  • 1 AAA battery
  • 1 teeny acrylic ball that looks like it could be the end piece to a barbell when I had my tongue pierced a lifetime ago
  • 2 hair bands. From her mouth.
  • 1 barrette. This, she yanked out of her hair (along with quite a few precious silky-fine strands) and hurled directly at my head
  • a dog biscuit. I’m pretty sure she had intended to give this to Fairy Dog and not eat it herself, but since I confiscated it while she was in the car (several miles from home and The Fairy) I’m not making any assumptions.
  • half a package of PB crackers. She pulled these out from under her carseat while I was wrestling her into the car. She then hid them, waited until I had reached a I-can’t-reach-back-there-and-grab-you-without-pulling-over speed and then proceeded to munch on them. I’m not exactly sure how long they had been wedged under her seat, but even an hour in that car would’ve made them inedible to anyone but a 2-year-old.
  • And the always disgusting… Diabetes test-strip, used, complete with drop of blood from Princess Punk’s finger prick. I scooped that out of her mouth. Gag.

In my pockets (coat and pants, over the past week)

  • 2 (different than the purse) Mimis
  • more shredded napkins, this time from home
  • a baby comb
  • a Barbie cowboy boot. This had been popped off her tongue where she had delightedly suctioned it then walked around the house showing everyone.
  • a foof of Fairy Dog hair
  • styrofoam packing material
  • a used tissue that she had been about to lick
  • a raisin
  • a ketchup packet
  • a capped Sharpie
  • various shreds of paper
  • at least 4 different types of string/yarn/twine

 This is just from the past week. I cleaned out my purse less than 10 days ago.

Excuse me, I have to go wash my hands again.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chicachicababies
    Mar 28, 2014 @ 13:05:02

    We quickly found every out of reach surface (kitchen table, bookshelves, TV stand, countertops) covered in confiscated items! I need a catch-all bin suspended from the ceiling. With someone to come in every day and put all those items away. 🙂


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