A future receptionist?

Called My Mom this morning to remind her to call her sister about the possibility of us going to NY next week.


(rustling and scrabbling) “Ohmygoodness… Give me the phone honey… Hello?”

(laughing probably WAY too loudly for my office,even with the door closed) “Um… Hi Mom”

“I swear, I didn’t even hear it ring! She just… And… I’m so glad it was you! Oh. I guess now she wants to talk to you. Hang on.”

“HI! Hi mom!”

“Hi baby!” (I now have a ridiculously goofy grin on my face)

“I bidogrw ornslegew”


(very slowly) “I biwdin le-go.”

“Ohhhh… You’re playing with your legos! Awesome!”

(delighted she has gotten through my thick skull) “Yeah!! I biwdin!”

“What are you building honey?”

“I biwd a tower!”

“A tower! Wow, that’s great!”

“K bai.”

(more rustling) “Got it! She almost hung up on you.”

“I was just calling to remind you to call your sister.”

“Oh! right! OK, I’ll try to fit it in, we’ve been very busy this morning. OH! Oh. Ok, she wants to say goodbye. I’m just going to let her hang up this time since I gotta pee.”

(rustle) “wuh you bai”

“I love you t…” I realize the phone has disconnected.

Hm. I think she’s get fired pretty quick.


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