Stop trying to ruin everything Diabetes. You Suck.

Happy 15th birthday Princess Punk!

I’m really REALLY sorry that The D-Monster tried to screw up your birthday.

Let me elaborate.

In Vermont, you can gt a learner’s permit at age 15. I think this is actually the case in most states, but I thought I’d just clarify. Here, all she needs to do is take a (very) easy test and provide some identification that she is a citizen of the US and a resident in VT. And you know, she’s never been arrested for drugs or had a CDL licence. Really?

Anyway. The Princess was SO excited about getting her permit and she’d taken the practice test over the weekend about 500 times. We had the ID info she needed, minus her SS card which they said we could bring in later and they’d just give her a non-ID ID. Whatever. She could still practice driving with it. I was initially going to take her next week or the week after when she wasn’t at soccer practice, but I thought, “you know what? you only turn 15 once and getting a permit is a major milestone in life.” So I excused her from soccer practice and even picked her up from school a little bit early in order to make the 3pm appointment in Montpelier to take her test.

But then The D-Monster decided to fuck up all our plans.

We got to the DMV and filled out everything and checked the appropriate boxes on the forms and gave the nice lady all the relevant paperwork.

“She has diabetes?” We had checked off a box on the form.


“Okay. Well, we’ll need her doctor to fill out the front and back of this form. Then you have to mail it to our department where they make a decision on medical clearance. Then we’ll send a letter back to you. When you bring me that letter, then she can take the test.”

“Wait. You mean she can’t even take the test without a note from her doctor.” I did not form this as a question since it had just seemed so… wrong.

“Yes, I’m very sorry. But we’re really not even allowed to let them take the test without the clearance.” At least she was nice about it.

I am fighting back tears now as I clarify exactly what is needed for my kid to do what all of her other friends are able to do without a second thought.

It’s not fair. She’s just a kid. She’s 15 and she doesn’t need one more reminder how much this disease totally sucks.

It was hard for me not to cry. I did cry actually, a little bit, in the bathroom where Princess Punk couldn’t see me. She was, of course, stoic as always. I’m sure this will erupt in some point at a moment of anger or frustration and it will all come spilling out in some kind of emotional, weepy, tidal wave.

At least she got her Chili and cannolis for her birthday dinner. And a Doctor Who cup and iPod case. And a new computer which is not playing her games right now, but at least we’re working on it.

So take that D-Monster, she had a good day anyway. You just pissed me off. Again.