A break for once


How sad is it that I finally have a break, only because The Peach has the flu (or something flu-like)…

She sits here in the bed next to me, watching preschool songs on YouTube because she doesn’t actually want to do much else.

My Peach hasn’t gotten really sick since she was a baby. Even now, with this her temperature is only hovering around 100. The puking last night was epic unfortunately. Our downstairs toilet is currently sitting in the hall, waiting for the spackle to dry from the huge hole the plumbers had to cut into the wall. Only at that point will it be possible to put it back in and have more than one functioning bathroom. Not complaining. I know we have more than a lot of people. Just explaining why The Peach spent 20 minutes in the kitchen last night throwing up, first all over the floor, then into a bowl. After about 5 minutes, The Zen Master and I stood there, alternately patting her back and emptying out the bowl between each round of retching. After about 10 minutes, The Peach’s seemingly neverending puke became interspersed with profound weeping and pitiful requests to wipe her mouth, and ultimately, to take off her shirt. I mean seriously, who wants to throw up for 20 minutes. When she was all done, she stood in the kitchen, crying, while I rubbed her back and The Zen Master finished cleaning up the mess.

She then went upstairs with her daddy, reluctantly, as she wanted to stay with me. I was cooking dinner. Gross right? I promise, no puke in the mac n’ cheese.

Ok, only after I had thoroughly convinced her that I was unavailable. Then she settled for dad...

Ok, only after I had thoroughly convinced her that I was unavailable. Then she settled for dad…

After awhile, she insisted on coming downstairs to tell My Mom what happened. My Mom apparently has some killer headphones because she had not heard a bit of the disgusting cacophony that had transpired directly outside of her door.

“Mima. I pruked. I pruuuuked in the kitchen.”

“You what honey?



“She puked. In the kitchen. A lot.”


“I pruked all ober de fwoor. It was scawy. I don’t wike to pruke. I don’t hab a feber.” (She did have a fever, but was, for some reason, insisting that she didn’t)

“Oh, I’m sorry honey. (then to me) She looks like crap.”

Then I took her back to our room. And called out to work for the next day (that’d be today). My Mom is perfectly capable of caring for a sick child, but she has no car. If something were to happen, I’d rather there be access to a car so she could take The Peach to the doctor. Besides, I wanted to be home with her. Like I said, The Peach hasn’t been sick with more than a 100.4 fever for 24 hours since… ever.

snotShe’s a bit better. She had some toast this morning. She’s hungry, but it’s hard to tell a 3-year-old that you don’t want her to eat gogurt because she might puke and mommy really doesn’t want to clean up vomit with a strawberry smell from her bedsheets. Ew. Now I’m gonna barf. Plus she has this wet, croup-y sounding cough and is maintaining a low-grade fever. Plus she’s all… Not-Peach-Like. She’s quiet and cranky and all she wants to do is snuggle. Which is fine by me although it will probably lead to my own sickness in a few days. Joy. Oh, and the snot-faucet is on. But her nose hurts, so she is phenomenally resistant to The Snot Nazi. Every time I come near her with a tissue, it becomes a mini-wrestling match to see if I can actually wipe her nose before she flips her head away, leaving a trail of snot-slime on my arm, the blanket, her shirt or whatever else she might be in close proximity of. I’m pretty sure she got snot on Fairy Dog last night.




You know what? Sick kids are gross. I’m just waiting for The Zen Master to get it now.MjAxMy0yNjhiZWMyYjkzYjYxYzM3




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